Attorneys, please note:

The information provided in the 13Network financial portion of this website is correct. However, accounting program inconsistencies between the Chapter 13 Trustee live data and the 13Network may result in calculation inconsistencies between the two databases. In the event of an inconsistency, the Chapter 13 Trustee live data is deemed correct. Please do not take action based on website information and plan calculation results without first contacting and confirming the numbers with the Chapter 13 Trustee office. This plan calculation tool is meant to help you with your math analysis of the plan. It is not a substitute for your own analysis and should not be relied upon exclusively.

Coming soon—a checklist to determine if the business questionnaire is appropriate. However, in the meantime, we ask that this business questionnaire be completed and returned to the Trustee's Office, attention Chuck Hadley

To ensure the most effective and efficient management of your cases, the Trustee provides a Chapter 13 Model Plan Word file.