All payment options should be discussed with your attorney. They will advise you which method of payment would be best for you and assist you in setting up this method.

When should you make a payment?
Your first payment is due within 30 days from the date you filed your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Where should payments be sent?
Mail ALL payments to the address at the right. The Trustee may not accept any payments at her Kalamazoo location.

What are the available payment methods?

  1. Payroll order is the most preferred method of payment

  2. TFS Bill Pay

  3. Money order/cashier's check

    • use dark ink

    • write legibly

    • sign your money order or cashier's check

    • do not include correspondence with your payment

    • do not post-date checks

    • include case number, name, and address on all payments that you submit directly

  4. ACH debit - which is a direct pull from your bank account - ACH Information page

  5. Online payments through Sun Trust Bank